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Hike And Fly

Hike & Fly Select

Hike & Fly Select

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More than 85 selected tour suggestions for connoisseurs and adventurers in Germany, Austria and Italy


Hike & Fly, also called Para-Alpinism, is one of the most beautiful but also most demanding ways of paragliding. On foot up the mountain, weightlessly gliding back down to the valley.

Sounds very simple, but it also requires good preparation. Takeoff and landing sites must be independently selected and evaluated for their suitability. Wind and weather conditions in the unknown terrain must be reliably assessed to ensure a safe takeoff.

The guide presents more than 85 suggestions for Hike & Fly tours in Germany, Austria and Italy from Hochgern to Wildspitze. The tour suggestions were selected broadly, so that both the beginner as well as the strong para-alpinist will find a destination.

All tours are systematically described and evaluated according to criteria such as time required and altitude difference of the ascent, degree of difficulty of the starting and landing point, slope exposure, positives, negatives, danger warnings as well as interesting facts.

The tours can be looked up on topographic maps. Furthermore, the book has informative chapters on tour preparation. To liven up the book, there are always reports on experiences, including the top landing on the Marmolada.
landing on the Marmolada.

The Hike & Fly Guide Select has over 300 pages, more than 220 illustrations and opentopo map sections. Special emphasis has been placed on 3D rendered aerial views of the topography. Whenever possible, special attention has also been paid to the "trappings". This is an attempt to provide some balance for the family of the absent para-alpinist.




Thomas Berchtold

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