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Lost in the Alps

Lost in the Alps

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Tie your hiking boots – pack your camera – ready – go!


Breathtaking images, incredible views, phenomenal places – this is what awaits us in this book. The author collective "The Alpinists," known for spectacular photos on Instagram, inspires us to immerse ourselves in dreamlike mountain worlds. The book is not only a visual and reading pleasure but also encourages one's own adventures. Maps, background information, and tips about hiking complement the fantastic images. Each member introduces themselves, some of their favorite hikes, and stories about them. The photographers provide tips for taking pictures and finding the best photo spots. The environmentally friendly and sustainable handling of the mountain world is also a topic.

The Alpinists is a collective of eleven young friends, united by their passion for nature and adventure. Whether a student or freelancer, each member of the group spends a lot of time looking through the viewfinder of their camera, searching for that one, the ultimate image. The combination of mountain enthusiasm and photographic ambition leads to breathtaking moments that The Alpinists want to share with all interested parties in this book.

The Alpinists present their favorite hikes in the Swiss mountains and provide the knowledge needed to undertake them, such as time specifications, information on distances, altitude differences, and the best photo spots. Each hike has been rated for difficulty, depending on the length of the hike, the altitude to be covered, the width and walkability of the path, but also based on how demanding the hikes are and what experience one should bring.

The overview maps primarily contain information about overnight accommodation options and good photo spots. Camera icons always mark a good opportunity for a picture and also the places where the authors' pictures were taken. This information helps to take great pictures of highlights on the hikes. QR codes lead to detailed hiking maps.

The Alpinists take us on varied hikes with impressive views of mountains, lakes, and valleys. For example, from Pfannenstiel to Mutschen and down to Wildhaus, to the Sidelenhütte, from which you have a beautiful view of the bizarre granite towers of probably the most famous camels in the world, on the massive Galenstock and the Bielenhörner, to the Cabane du Mountet, to Nufenenstock, to Limmerensee, or to the SAC hut Corno-Gries with its distinctive architecture.




The Alpinists

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